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Financial Services Opportunities in China’s Greater Bay Area

A virtual discussion on how financial institutions in the region can seize new opportunities for growth.


Financial Services Opportunities in China’s Greater Bay Area

With recent policy changes, new prospects for wealth management, insurance, and lending in China’s Greater Bay Area have emerged. Bain's Henrik Naujoks, Priscilla Dell'Orto, and Herbert Lee are joined by Nicholas Kwan of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Gilbert Lee of Hang Seng Bank, Ryan Song of Hang Seng Bank China, and Peter Stein of the Private Wealth Management Association to discuss how financial services companies can thrive in the GBA.

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Are You Ready for the Financial Services Opportunities of China’s Greater Bay Area?

Customer-centered innovation, omnichannel services, and efficient operating models will help banks, insurers, and wealth managers flourish in Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong province.

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