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Technology Operating Model

Your people are central to your technology strategy. We'll help you maximize their contributions through Agile delivery models as you refine product management, governance and organizational structure.

Technology Operating Model

Companies are spending more on technology, yet major transformations usually fail. Often the problem lies with the IT organization itself: team members with critical skills aren't empowered to use them, Agile delivery isn’t bringing the expected benefits and the organization is unable to react quickly to changes in the technology landscape.

Technology Operating Model enables high-velocity change, consistent governance and a comprehensive talent strategy that ensures your IT organization is set up for success.  We equip your technology leaders with the tools and processes for effective decision-making, help you redesign how work gets done, and organize your teams for accountability and effectiveness.

The interactive graphic below demonstrates one of our approaches to assessing an organization's technology function and how it can achieve a more balanced distribution of roles.

Chicago partner Will Poindexter explains how companies can overcome some of the common obstacles to superior technology performance 

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What to Expect

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