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Case study

How an Asian State-Linked Investment Fund Became a Sustainability Leader

Our team helped StateHoldingCo renew its core investment strategy through embedding environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria into deal decisions.

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The Story

A leading government-linked investment company in Asia wanted to transform its approach to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing—not to merely check a box but to integrate sustainability into every aspect of its investment and portfolio management decisions. Turning to us for strategic advice, StateHoldingCo* developed an end-to-end ESG program that raised the bar for other institutional investors throughout the region and beyond.

Our customized approach began with a deep study of StateHoldingCo’s existing processes and portfolio. Through in-depth interviews, market analytics, and benchmarking, we helped the firm’s leadership align on a shared terminology and ambition. We identified where current investments exposed the company to risks and how its investment approach compared with peers.

That work enabled us to design the processes and methodologies that would embed ESG criteria into every step of StateHoldingCo’s investing, from deal sourcing to due diligence to the continuous monitoring of its large portfolio. We helped StateHoldingCo develop decision-making tools and procedures to track relevant metrics and anticipate challenges before they cause any reputational damage or have a long-term impact on operations and returns. Now, StateHoldingCo constantly tracks its investments in terms of relevant ESG metrics, such as emissions, land use, health and safety, and much more.

ESG was initially viewed primarily from a risk management perspective, but it is now an integral part of the firm’s overall deal strategy and value creation approach. A dedicated ESG function supports its investment teams, centralizing ESG expertise and data throughout the life cycle of its investments. Employees receive regular ESG training in order to proactively identify ESG issues, which can evolve rapidly in today’s global, interconnected economy.

Our impact on StateHoldingCo has far outlasted the duration of our engagement; the playbook we handed its leaders has allowed the company to continue to apply an ESG lens to new deals, industries, and investment goals. Today, StateHoldingCo enjoys a reputation among institutional investors as a sustainability pioneer, exceeding standards that signal not just good corporate citizenship but also lasting financial returns.


* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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