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Dynamic Marketing Optimization

CMOs have more money to invest—and more data to crunch—than ever before. But they readily admit that much of the $1 trillion they spend globally on marketing is ineffective, or wasted. The solution is to focus more on orchestration and less on sophistication, balancing analytics with operational and organizational capabilities. That's what Bain Dynamic Marketing Optimization delivers. The result: better focus and execution, and a 10%–25% boost in ROI.

Why Bain

Why Bain

  • We have unparalleled experience and expertise, having completed more than 1,200 marketing excellence engagements around the world.
  • Our focus on integrated decision making eliminates the fragmentation, manual processes and weak collaboration that often hamper marketing effectiveness.
  • Bain’s deep bench of talent in advanced analytics, Test for Results, Agile development, go-to-market strategy and related disciplines assures that your marketing optimization is supported by a full complement of related capabilities.

What to Expect

What to Expect

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