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Southeast Asia has clear opportunities to accelerate its Net Zero journey

Bain’s Dale Hardcastle appeared on CNBC to discuss how SEA faces an urgent imperative to A.C.T (Aim, Commit, Track) now if the region wants to seize the vast opportunities in its green economy.


Southeast Asia has clear opportunities to accelerate its Net Zero journey
A moment of transition has arrived for SEA and the world. The multi-decade transformation to decarbonize the global economy has accelerated, with awareness building strongly in 2020 and the imperative for action becoming ever clearer and more urgent in 2021. Bain & Company’s partner and co-director of the Global Sustainability Innovation Center Dale Hardcastle joined CNBC’s Tanvir Gill and Rosanna Lockwood to talk about the new Southeast Asia’s Green Economy: Opportunities on the Road to Net Zero report launch in partnership with Microsoft and Temasek. USD 2 trillion infrastructure investments will be needed over the next decade to enable SEA’s sustainable transition and to close the region’s 3-4Gt gap to Paris-aligned emissions levels. Accelerating the energy transition, valuing nature, and transforming SEA’s agri-food system could address up to ~90% of the region’s emissions, while unlocking significant opportunities.

Southeast Asia’s Green Economy 2021 Report

Opportunities on the road to Net Zero.


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