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Why Bain Created a Role Focused on Our Sustainability

Bain’s commitment to sustainability impacts not only our clients, but the firm. Sam Israelit, our first Chief Sustainability Officer, is focused on our dedication to the social and environmental standards we’ve set for ourselves on a global scale. Listen to how he is implementing the same ESG initiatives we advocate for our clients and our plans to reduce our environmental footprint, enhance employee well-being, and maintain high standards of integrity in creating a more sustainable world.


Why Bain Created a Role Focused on Our Sustainability

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Sam Israelit joined Bain in 2000 to co-found our Enterprise Technology practice. Over the course of his career, he has worked extensively with clients across IT, manufacturing, and procurement. In addition to his core work, Sam has developed a deep interest in social impact and environmental sustainability.

When presented with the opportunity to help support Bain's sustainability efforts, Sam focused on finding ways to ensure the firm could live up to the social and environmental standards it has set. Recognizing the challenges involved, Sam was appointed as Bain's first Chief Sustainability Officer in 2021. In this capacity, he is leading the charge to ensure that Bain is fully committed to sustainability in all aspects of its operations.

In this episode, Sam discusses his engineering background that led him to co-found the Enterprise Technology practice, his journey to Bain, and how he became invested in sustainability. He also shares details about the ESG commitments that Bain has made to ensure that the firm is doing its part to protect the planet and support social causes.


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