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Davos 2020: First Impressions

Bain Partner Lucy d'Arville shares the most pressing issues related to healthcare that are being discussed at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting.


Davos 2020: First Impressions

In Davos, world leaders are exchanging ideas on some of the most urgent global issues, including the challenges facing healthcare systems. Lucy d'Arville, a partner with Bain's Healthcare practice and a member of WEF's Forum of Young Global Leaders, discusses why data and digital technologies are increasingly important considerations in healthcare transformation.

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LUCY D'ARVILLE: This is my first time at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, and the energy is absolutely electric. It's wonderful to be exchanging ideas on the most pressing issues facing us globally and to be part of a community that is very diverse. Representatives from politics, from business, from academia and the nonprofit sector all coming together to work through how we can do things differently.

In my field of focus in healthcare, there is a lot of talk this week in Davos about our healthcare systems globally not being fit for purpose. We are facing unprecedented issues when we think about the impact on our healthcare systems from climate change, from cybersecurity, from changes in accessibility to drugs. There are a lot of issues that we need to work through. The sessions that I've been in this week are looking at what can we do differently? Where are the investments needed? And data and digital are increasingly areas that must be top of the agenda in transforming healthcare.

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