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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Whiteboard Innovators

Welcome to Whiteboard Innovators, our innovation mini-series.


Whiteboard Innovators

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Keith Bevans is handing over the mic to guest host, Olivia Pavco Giaccia, where she'll be talking with visionaries across Bain including entrepreneurial alumni, innovation strategists, Bain’s Founder’s Studio members, and more. 

From the birth of game-changing ideas to their translation into real-world solutions, the whiteboard at Bain is a hub where disruptive innovation takes shape. So, grab a marker and join us as we sketch out how our guests bring innovation to life, at Bain and beyond. 


Beyond the Bio Podcast

In Beyond the Bio, Keith Bevans, partner and global head of consultant recruiting, dives deeper into the stories of some extraordinary Bain people, from their perspectives.