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Acerca de Ira

I joined the Bain Capability Centre in 2004, as an analyst, when Bain first set up operations in India. I hold an MSc in accounting and finance from the London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in commerce from Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University. I've had an incredible journey over the last 13 years and have seen the office grow many fold. 

I established and continue to manage the regional private equity teams at the BCN, which work on live diligences across multiple industries. I also support the development of the general pool/flexible capacity business, which works on important strategy and operations cases. Recently, I helped set up the analytics team at the BCN, working in the chosen industry verticals analyzing go-to-market strategy for key clients. I have also led the staffing function for the last several years.

"​Take a large portion of Results. Add an almost equal measure of Fun. Blend in a large spoonful of Innovation and a few pinches of Dynamism and Energy. That is the recipe for the Bain Capability Network."

I'd describe my Bain journey as exciting and challenging. I've worked not only in a variety of industries, spanning industrials, financial services, consumer products and retail, but also across types of work, including analytics, survey analysis and due diligences, to name a few. I've also transferred to the Mumbai and London offices, working on front-end consulting projects in consumer products and industrial goods.

In 2006, I cofounded Bindaas@Bain, the group responsible for making the office a more fun place. I've also helped organize numerous annual office offsites in locations ranging from Goa and Kerala to Thailand and Kathmandu.

My husband and sister-in-law have both worked at Bain. For me, Bain is truly family!