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Acerca de Maureen

My name is Maureen. I'm a partner, and I joined Bain in 2003 after graduating from Harvard Business School. When I joined Bain I thought I'd be a retail person and started working on a bunch of retail projects. I enjoyed them, but then a couple years into my career I met a partner in the Financial Services practice and did one project with her that I just loved. I loved the analytics behind the financial services work, and I liked the partner team a lot.

I now focus on financial services and customer experience. I work a lot with chief customer officers, which is a capability that has become a big deal over the last few years as customer experience becomes really important to a lot of companies. 

"The cool thing about Bain is you keep evolving your expertise over time. The generalist track enables you to do that and to make your own path."

Some of my most important and impactful mentors have been the senior women that I've worked with. They've coached me on my professional life, my personal life, and at times just given me that kick I needed to say, "You can do this, be confident." They've really been my biggest cheerleaders.