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Acerca de Shalani

What did you do before joining consulting? Why did you make the jump to Bain? 

I was a foreign exchange trader and an equity analyst at the Central Bank of Malaysia. I made the jump to consulting because I was attracted to the steep learning curves and opportunities to learn more about other industries. I also wanted a career shift. After 5 years at Central Bank, I knew investments wasn't for me and thought consulting would be a great platform to figure out what interested me the most. Bain stood out not only because of its prestigious brand, but because of the people. From the people I met during an industry recruiting dinner and the Bainies that interviewed me, I drew an instant connection and found it very easy to converse with them. That was when I knew Bain was where I wanted to be in the next stage of my career. 

Describe a case that was particularly impactful for you. 

I worked on a quality diagnostic case with a global IT company that manufactures printers and ink cartridges. We were asked to determine gaps in the organization that impacted the quality of their ink cartridges. It was an incredibly technical and brilliantly interesting case. As the leader of my work stream, I developed and deployed a global survey across all of the client’s manufacturing facilities to collect information on the current technology and data analytics used at each facility. No one had a clear view of the facilities’ tech deployments until Bain stepped in. We ran, analyzed, and synthesized a global survey in 3 weeks and presented it to the client who was very happy with our results and the final product. It was one of the biggest impacts I’ve had on a case.