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Acerca de Kande

Why did you choose Bain? 

One of the reasons I decided to join Bain, and why I’ve had a really exciting career at Bain, is the people. If I’m very honest, I began interviewing with a clear preference for one of our competitors. But I was flabbergasted by the people I interviewed with at Bain—by our ambition, by our position, by our bold aspirations, and by how we really were doing better by our clients every day.  

Why did you return to Bain? 

I’ve been at Bain for more than 10 years with one short hiatus when I joined the management team at a group that ran nursing homes. This was a very rich experience. I learned about a new industry and about very different types of customers and employees. But shortly after the switch I decided to return to Bain because I missed the excitement of working with our clients. 

Since returning, I’ve had the opportunity to build my career at Bain while also helping in areas like reducing educational inequality. I’m glad I could combine that with my journey at Bain.  

What project have you been most proud of?    

The project I'm most proud of is when I did a pro bono project for an educational nonprofit that wanted to measure their impact on a set of youngsters over the last 10 years. We constructed a very complex data model that allowed us to benchmark the results at a granular level. We showed that they reduced the number young people dropping out of the educational system within the target cohort by 60 percent. I was proud to help them communicate their impact on society.  

What do you enjoy about consulting?  

Just the quality of the thinking and dialogue that occurs on a Bain case team. It makes every day at work challenging and fun. I draw a lot of energy and excitement from it. 

What do Bain’s values mean to you?  

Bain very much embraces diversity. The company creates a genuinely meritocratic environment. In a lot of societies, coming from a different socioeconomic or racial background sets you on a totally different trajectory. It takes a lot more work to catch the wave of social mobility. But when you work at Bain, it's the opposite. You get the feeling of being immediately and totally embraced by your office and your colleagues in a way that propels your career forward.  

La trayectoria profesional de Kande

"One of the reasons I decided to join Bain is the people.”