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Our Aspiration

Our Aspiration

  • We will have an ESG component such as a diagnostic or workstream in 100% of our projects.
  • We will discuss ESG ambitions with 100% of our clients.
  • We will prioritize clients/industries with high potential for ESG impact.

The time for the sustainability revolution has come. Businesses must make drastic strategic shifts or be left behind. No company will be left unchanged – and those that act with the greatest speed will be the ones positioned to lead.

ESG is core to Bain’s mission, and we intend to embed ESG into everything we do. We call this approach “visionary pragmatism” – visionary because we help our clients set new standards of ESG excellence in their industries and radically redefine their business models; pragmatic because we build realistic paths to actionable and meaningful change.

We use defined ESG standards to guide our decisions about the clients and work we take on. Sometimes, we decline engagements because our high standards cannot be met. We refuse, however, to shy away from working with any industry based on their environmental footprint alone. Our focus is finding the right partner – one with ambitions aligned with ours and a high potential for ESG impact.

Our Progress


ESG projects completed

ESG insights published


growth in our ESG business per year for 2 years in a row

Over the past five years, we have completed more than 1,200 ESG projects and published more than 1,500 insights providing corporate leaders with the knowledge necessary to successfully embed ESG into their businesses. At Bain, our ESG business has grown over 100% per year for two years in a row.

Our Insights

Our Client Work

Our Client Work

Helping a plant-based meat brand scale globally

The global food system feeds nearly 8 billion people, but at a steep cost. Agriculture generates approximately 25% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with the beef industry emitting the largest share of GHGs. Building a more sustainable food system is one of our best shots at reversing climate change.

Bain partnered with an insurgent plant-based meat brand to help chart a path to global scale. We analyzed dozens of markets to pinpoint the ones with the highest potential. Our client’s resulting international growth strategy has the potential to prevent the release of some 700 million kg of GHG emissions each year.