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Promotions are critical to retailer profitability, yet are often ineffective and can even hurt customer perceived value. Our unique Promotions approach combines testing and machine learning to boost your bottom line today as you build long-term customer loyalty. 


Retailers use promotions to maximize product profitability and to strengthen customer relationships. In practice, effective promotions management is hugely challenging, due to the volume, frequency and complexity of decisions required. Tens of thousands of promotions need to be launched every week, and must take into account not only pricing but also product cannibalization, supplier funding, timing and advertising support.

Our Promotions solution helps retailers cut through this complexity. By combining the power of machine learning and our proprietary test-for-results methodology we help you make optimal decisions about both temporary promotions and permanent markdowns. Designed with a careful eye on how category managers operate, our Promotions solution is easy to use and highly customizable. The result: enthusiastic, long-term adoption of a powerful new approach that supports your specific promotions processes and goals. It's also quick to implement, ensuring that you start to see improvements to cash margins within just a few weeks of deployment.

With our Promotions solution you can be confident that you are promoting the right product at the right time, with the right price and the right support. Achieve maximum profitability as you make customers happy, and empower your people to make effective promotions decisions like never before.




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What to Expect

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