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Signal℠ by Bain

Signal is a powerful, flexible, cloud-based program management tool that provides visibility over every aspect of your merger or divestiture, allowing you to focus on the key actions that drive your program forward.

Signal℠ by Bain

What to Expect

What to Expect

To capture the full value from your deal, you need more than a great work plan. You need a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps your team track every aspect of an integration or divestiture. Signal is a cloud-based, user-friendly platform that provides unmatched visibility into all phases of your program. Now you can spot roadblocks, track value, and execute efficiently on every detail.

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Related Offerings

We have a full suite of tools to help your team navigate your M&A journey with ease.

MI Risk Assessment

Predict, manage and measure delivery risks with a tailored mitigation plan using our proprietary risk assessment tool.

Value Calculator

Uncover early savings opportunities for revenue and cost scenarios with this interactive data analytics and visualization tool, to quickly shift the conversation from where value lies to how to capture it.

Profit Cube

Allocate company costs across multiple dimensions (e.g., customer, geography, product) to identify and evaluate sources of profitability.

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Discover comprehensive and granular visibility into addressable revenue at the customer and product level. Explore share of wallet data for your integrated organization to chart out where to focus for profitable growth through cross-sell, up-sell, and new customer penetration.

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Culture Integration Diagnostic

Retain and motivate talent, facilitate a smooth transition, and avoid roadblocks to change as you proactively address the culture integration issues so fundamental to short- and long-term success.

Supply Chain Integration EDGE

Redesign the integrated supply chain and visualize the impact of various supply chain integration scenarios with our dynamic digital tool, accelerating and amplifying the value of your combined supply chain.

Synergy Benchmarks

Leverage our experience in 1,000+ merger integration and divestitures to quickly assess your transaction’s synergy potential.

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