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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Championing Women and Inspiring Leaders

Jen Hayes, a partner in our Atlanta office, is passionate about championing women to grow and thrive in the workplace. She discusses her work leading the Global Women's Leadership Council and the important gender parity research she’s done around what inspires women to reach for the C-suite.


Championing Women and Inspiring Leaders

Women face different challenges within their careers like unconscious bias, challenging cultural norms, being six times more likely to be the primary caregiver and sixty percent more likely to have a spouse with as demanding of a job as theirs. However, these challenges shouldn’t prevent them from taking on leadership roles or C-suite positions.

Jen Hayes, a partner in our Atlanta office, leads our Global Women’s Leadership Council (GWLC) – an organization whose mission is to grow women leaders and ensure all women at Bain thrive. Since setting up GWLC, Bain has doubled the number of women on our leadership teams. Jen is also a driver of our gender parity research, which has found that women need to be empowered by prestige, wealth and influence to go after the big jobs.

Listen to Jen share her journey to Bain as well as dive deeper into GWLC and gender parity, on this episode of Beyond the Bio.

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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