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Going Global: How a Legacy Consultant Navigated His Career to Leading Bain’s Business in EMEA

Domenico Azzarello, EMEA Regional Managing Partner based in Paris, was introduced and pre-destined to an international life in consulting thanks to his consultant parents. Born in Milan, his career has spanned the globe with stops in various cities including Chicago, San Francisco, and Paris where he now leads our fast-growing business in the European, Middle Eastern, and African regions. On this episode, Domenico shares his consulting journey, including how he advanced within the industry to join Bain as an established consultant, and how he helped develop our Telecommunications practice. He also sheds light on EMEA’s business priorities as we continue to grow in this region.


Going Global: How a Legacy Consultant Navigated His Career to Leading Bain’s Business in EMEA

Being the child of consultants, there’s no surprise that Domenico Azzarello grew up business-focused. From selling t-shirts at a young age to having an international consulting career working in cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Paris, Domenico has helped develop Bain’s Telecommunications practice, lead our Paris office, and now heads our business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.



Bain EMEA is prioritizing not only creating successful and impactful results for its clients, but creating the best place to work for its people. Having a significant focus on ESG, EMEA has increased its number of women leaders, is educating its employees on sustainability, and is creating opportunities for social impact. Listen to Domenico share how he’s leading our EMEA offices in conscious and intentional business efforts.

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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