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Asako Yokomatsu

About Asako

After graduating from college, I joined an accounting firm as a CPA and spent 5 years working on group audits of Japanese companies located across more than 20 countries. Since joining Bain in 2018, I have worked on projects in various industries such as new service planning, due diligence, and company-wide transformation projects. Outside of projects, I work as a class captain for Associate Consultants and help them organize training and events. I am also involved in mid-career recruiting.

Why did you decide to join Bain?

I chose Bain for their people and culture. Among all the recruiting events I attended during my job search, Bain's employees stood out to me and I felt the best match. Bain’s people are smart, personable, and most importantly, they seem to enjoy their work.

I believe people whom you work with and company culture matter a lot in many perspectives: providing value to customers, personal development, and enjoying the work. Through my time at Bain, I was able to make friends whom I  even enjoy traveling together outside of work. I am also keeping in touch with Bain members from other offices that I became friends with during global training in the U.S., Mexico, and other places. I truly enjoy expanding both professional and social network at Bain.

Tell us the Bain project you were involved in that makes you the proudest.

I remember a company-wide transformation project for an automotive parts company very fondly. It was my first project as a manager, and I remember that I struggled to build trust with the client and educate the junior members, although I found it fulfilling every day. During the project, I was helped by the junior members, who were growing at a remarkable pace day by day and supported by the insights from the senior members and many global Bain members. In the end, I received words of gratitude from the client for the tangible financial results, which gives me the confidence I have today.

How has the diverse, inclusive environment that Bain endeavors to uphold supported you specifically?

The culture of mutual support has really helped me since I joined the company. We have several official support systems within the company (PDA (professional development advisors), project supervisors, class captains, etc.), but everyone is willing to help in other ways if you ask. This has made it seem natural for me to support all Bain employees in building a more fulfilling career. This support is not limited to work-related topics, but also extends to personal and long-term career issues. Being female has never been a disadvantage or an advantage. It is a natural culture among the employees, and although it seems normal within the company, I think it is wonderful. The transparency of the evaluation system was also essential for me to continue working as a professional. When I became pregnant and had a baby, everyone in the company worked together with me to find the best way to work, and I am able to continue my work as a consultant, for which I am grateful.