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About Hiroto

Tell us about your work journey.

I started my career at MUFG Bank, where I mainly worked in the bank's project finance teams in Tokyo and New York. I gained valuable experience handling financing for many large-scale projects. However, as a banker, my involvement in those projects was limited to "finance" aspect, and I gradually yearned for broader engagement in other aspects of project development and general management. This led to my desire to pursue an MBA degree from Columbia Business School (CBS). Upon completing my degree, I transitioned my career to consulting and joined Bain. Bain has provided me with the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of finance and to help clients solve their most important management challenges. My time at Bain thus far has been truly rewarding, filled with continuous learning and personal growth.

Why Bain? To what do you credit your success here? 

During my time at CBS, I had the privilege of meeting numerous talented classmates, many of whom had consulting background. Interactions with those with consulting background s sparked my interest in pursuing a career in consulting. Amongst such classmates, those from Bain left a strong impression. They were talented, humble, genuine and willing to support others. For example, my classmate from Bain's Milan office, willingly shared detailed insights into Bain's culture and generously dedicated his time to help me prepare for Bain’s interview process. I also had the chance to interact with many people from the Tokyo office, all of them also had friendly and supportive personalities. Through these experiences, I developed a strong personal affinity for Bain's culture and decided to choose Bain as my post-MBA career destination.

How has the diverse, inclusive environment that Bain endeavors to uphold supported you specifically?

Bain is incredibly committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. My most important aspect has been the firm’s willingness to support and understanding for my family’s needs. As a working parent with a small child, there have been instances where I had to step away from work for nursery pick-ups temporarily or when my child fell ill. Each time, my team members graciously supported me in caring for these family responsibilities. I have experienced, not just for myself but also for other team members facing similar situations, the spirit of teamwork and collaboration in covering for one another. It is truly remarkable to see that every Bainie naturally possesses this sense of mutual support. Bain's culture, which promotes a supportive and understanding environment, has played a crucial role in enabling me to balance work and parenthood successfully.

What else should prospective candidates know?

Deciding to change jobs after spending nearly a decade in a traditional Japanese organization required great courage. However, once I jumped into the new environment, I realized that Bain was much more supportive than I expected. While delivering results in our work is undoubtedly essential and can be demanding, what truly stands out is the strong spirit of mutual support among colleagues. As performance evaluations are done on an absolute basis, there is no unhealthy competition among colleagues. Bain organizes numerous team member engagement events, such as case team lunches and dinners, creating a natural camaraderie among employees. This inclusive environment is one of the  fascinating aspects of Bain. For those who are even remotely interested, I encourage you to engage with Bain employees and personally experience the warm and welcoming culture that we have at our firm.