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Takamitsu Onishi

About Takamitsu

Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University and joined Bain. Various project experiences specialized in NPS and PMI across travel and consumer goods.

"Work hard, play hard" culture

"Work hard, play hard" is a commonly used phrase that reflects culture at Bain.

Many often misunderstand “work hard” to mean working long hours. At Bain, your performance is measured by how much value you create, rather than by how many hours you spend. As a result, you are encouraged to focus on more selected and critical work.

However, this is not an easy thing to do. It requires on-going efforts to improve your skills as a professional consultant. To foster such growth, Bain places great emphasis on Professional Development (PD). PD takes the form of onboarding training modules and global training sessions, as well as frequent PD chats to support growth on the job.

Particularly, in PD chats you are given the opportunity to discuss your performance with your direct supervisor. You review your strengths and improved areas, as well as areas for further development and the steps required. By clarifying development objectives and the actions necessary, your work becomes more focused and growth-oriented.

While Bain encourages "work hard," we equally places an emphasis on "play hard." Many colleagues enjoy serious hobbies outside of work. Bain also offers various fun events throughout the year such as cherry-blossom viewings and year-end parties. Aside from office activities, many individuals also organize social activities on their free time, like futsal games or musical viewings. There is even an opportunity for a global social event in the Bain World Cup (BWC)!

BWC is one of the biggest events at Bain and more than 1,000 Bainies from around the world come together for the 2-day event that includes a welcome party, football tournament and closing party. It is at events like BWC that I realize Bain is truly a "Global One Team" and encourages a healthy "play hard" atmosphere.

If our workload were to constantly limit us from our free time, we wouldn't be able to deliver value in a sustainable way. Bain has a strong workplace culture that respects both work and play to ensure we can continuously create high value.