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Chung Yen Wong

About Chung Yen

What are your passions both outside of work and at Bain? How has your team supported you with these passions? 

I enjoy basketball and calisthenics and practice at least one of them during the week. While day-to-day work can be challenging, fast-paced, and intense, I really appreciate the sustainability-focused working model we have in place. As a team we always try to provide flexible personal and work arrangements, so we still have time to do important things we enjoy. 

How have you “Built Your Own Bain?” 

I worked on a series of private equity due diligence cases my first 6 months at Bain. This setup allowed me to learn about Bain's finest problem-solving process in a short span while getting integrated into our very collegial culture. Since then, I have been spending time in the industry I’m passionate about: Energy and Natural Resources. My focus now is to help our clients with a range of important topics including growth strategy, performance improvement, commodities trading, digital capability building, and renewable / sustainability-centric strategy. 

Describe a case that was particularly impactful for you. 

One of the most impactful and memorable cases for me was an agile performance improvement program for an ASEAN industrial machinery dealer client. We successfully launched an agile-at-scale program and built the agile office capabilities after aligning all key stakeholders in a relatively complex organization. Many innovative initiatives were launched such as building a customer digital mobile application from scratch and establishing a 24-hour spare parts delivery service nationwide. What was truly amazing about the initiatives was not delivered just by Bain consultants but by the scrum teams that were formed jointly by our client and us. Not only did the teams work collaboratively and have fun, they delivered tangible client results. Collectively we managed to achieve $200 million (USD) bankable cash and a 2x customer loyalty score in 12 months. 

What is one tip or trick that you can offer to incoming recruits interested in consulting? 

Have fun. Have fun problem-solving, making real client impact, and doing it all with your coworkers. With the important work that we do, we can sometimes get too focused on delivering the analysis, recommendations, and client results and overlook the importance in enjoying the process. I believe this is critical in keeping yourself going and making consulting a sustainable career.