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About Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. I joined Bain out of undergrad in 2000. I've had an opportunity to work in a number of Bain offices during that time. I started in LA and I've worked in our New York, Singapore, San Francisco and Dallas offices.

"Working at Bain is a great foundation for being an amazing start-up founder."

There are really three reasons I joined Bain originally, and they're the same three reasons that keep me here:

  • The first is the opportunity to have a big impact, fundamentally changing the destiny of the companies that we work with.
  • Second is the incredible learning opportunity that we have here. We work with some of the most talented businesspeople in the world, and you have exposure to senior executives at a very early stage in your career, helping to accelerate your learning in terms of becoming a general manager.
  • Third, we obviously talk a lot about our people and culture. The culture of apprenticeship and support is one of the most powerful parts of the experience of working at Bain.

We have such a culture and ethos here of just rolling up our sleeves. We get stuff done. We're very creative problem solvers. I think that's why, as you look at the number of start-up founders who have come out of Bain, it's just an incredible roster. In the Bay Area, we have an opportunity to work with a tremendous number of disrupters, especially software and Internet businesses that are fundamentally changing the ways that many different industries operate. And we also have the opportunity to take what we've learned from these disrupters and bring it to our clients worldwide. 

I'm working with a client right now that's trying to develop a new product to enable the company to succeed in this new and changing world. Learning from the disrupters in San Francisco and the Bay Area, and spreading those lessons to other companies, is a very exciting process.