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CRM Value Capture

More than half of all companies that invest in customer relationship management (CRM) systems don’t achieve the expected payback. With our proven approach you can harness the full power of your CRM system to boost revenue and customer loyalty.

CRM Value Capture

Your CRM system can—and should—be a powerful weapon in your sales and marketing arsenal. Yet a range of strategy, technology and user-adoption issues often result in disappointing ROI. We provide an integrated solution that addresses every component of CRM optimization, from clearly defined directives and processes to systems configuration and integration to enthusiastic frontline adoption.

Our CRM ROI diagnostic assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your current CRM, surveys employees to uncover their unvarnished perceptions and pain points, and aligns leaders on your point of departure, desired end state, and near-term priorities.

We then work closely with you to develop a roadmap to value, develop the right technology architecture and commercial process design, and provide the training and implementation help you need to join the ranks of CRM “value maximizers,” that select group of companies that derive nearly three times the benefit from their CRM systems compared to CRM “value wasters.”

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