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Future of Retail Diagnostic

Map the right course to your ideal end state

Do we truly know our consumers, how they live, work and shop? Are our tech and data skills good enough? Are we struggling with profitability or finding the funds for investing in key projects?

Our Future of Retail diagnostic sheds light on these and related critical questions so you can develop a winning strategy and take all the right actions to win. No matter your starting point, we can help you develop a clear view of where you stand today and map the most efficient journey to your ideal end state.

What is it?

The Future of Retail diagnostic is a fast, flexible assessment powered by highly curated data and benchmarking capabilities. It evaluates your company and identifies gaps to best practices on seven key pillars:

  1. ESG
  2. Customer centricity
  3. Omnichannel operations
  4. Financial performance
  5. Technology
  6. Talent Management
  7. Adjacent profit pools

What you can get

The Future of Retail diagnostic generates visually rich results that include:

  • A detailed, outside-in scorecard displaying your performance versus peers across a range of metrics, as well as deep dives on critical themes (personalization, ESG performance, and much more).
  • A survey-based maturity assessment that identifies the largest gaps across seven pillars, leveraging feedback from key stakeholders, so you see how to prepare for the Future of Retail.
  • A roadmap that clarifies your point of departure, provides an overview of the most promising performance boosters, and provides a plan to scale and embed your new approach.

The Future of Retail: The Age of Convergence

While incumbents have upped their digital game, tech-first players are learning old-school retail.

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