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12 critical Supply Chain decisions

12 critical Supply Chain decisions

  1. Adjust existing network to deliver expected services and results (e.g. build new DC, outsource DC, specialize DC)

  2. Use store network to favor flexible fulfilment (e.g. develop BOPIS, ship from store)

  3. Manage complexity while remaining fast and cost-effective (e.g. assortment breadth and depth, new product launch, peak periods)

  4. Adjust customer value proposition (delivery speed, assortment and pick-up location) and/or charge customers for specific shipping options

  5. Adjust service level to avoid out-of-stock while remaining cost-effective

  6. Adjust current workforce management practices to be more effective (e.g. rely more on temp workers, invest in WMS)

  7. Develop return management capability

  8. Develop sustainability best practices (e.g. reduction of CO2 emission, water consumption)

  9. Invest in technology (robotics, RFID) to build a competitive advantage vs. simply be at par with peers

  10. Invest in analytics to build a competitive advantage vs. simply be at par with peers

  11. Adjust current inventory and order management algorithm

  12. Revamp current operating model

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