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US Worries about Health and Finances Ease Slightly, but Remain Very High

Nearly 80% of US consumers report elevated financial and health concerns, down from the peak of around 90% in March and mid-April.

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US Worries about Health and Finances Ease Slightly, but Remain Very High

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a heavy human toll across the US. As some states start easing lockdowns and make plans for reopening parts of the economy, Americans’ worries about their health and finances remain very high, but show some signs of dropping slightly.

When deaths in America from the novel coronavirus passed all other countries in mid-April, Americans’ concern over their health peaked, with around 90% of respondents reporting moderate or high concerns. Financial concerns also peaked around the same time, at around 87%. Since then, concerns have declined, but not by much. The most recent Bain/Dynata survey of US consumers, conducted May 4 to May 6, found that 79% of respondents reported moderate or high levels of concern for their health, and 79% reported the same level of concern for their financial outlook.

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Dynata provides first-party data for the Bain Consumer Health Index and provides a nationally representative sample of US adults (weekly) that constitutes the underlying data for this analysis.


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