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True North: Scholarship for Black Heritage students

True North: Scholarship for Black Heritage students

We welcome students in the UK and Ireland of Black heritage to join us for a two-day workshop in London where you’ll get to try the work of a strategy consultant. You’ll join an extraordinary team for training and practice. At the end, you’ll have an opportunity to interview for a full-time position as an associate consultant, and may have a chance to win a scholarship.

Be more you as a consultant at Bain

Join us for this workshop and you may have the opportunity to interview as an associate consultant at one of the top strategy consulting firms! At the end, we’ll award select candidates with a scholarship award.

Be entered to win a scholarship

Eligibility & Timeline

This program is for undergraduate students who identify as Black

This program is for students of Black heritage in their penultimate year of undergraduate university in the UK and Ireland, of any nationality or degree. We’re looking for strong academic achievement with great communication skills, drive, passion, and the energy to solve problems.

Apply in February

To apply, you’ll need to upload a copy of your CV and complete all the application questions. Once you submit your application, we’ll send you a link to an online assessment tool. Once that’s complete, we’ll review your application. 

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the assessments you might take in our candidate preparation hub. These will include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning (all under “Ability tests”) as well as a personality questionnaire. 

For further questions, contact GraduateRecruiting.London@Bain.com.

Applications open in February and close in April. The workshops and early Associate Consultant interviews take place in July and August.  In the meantime, join us at one of our marketing events and talk to our team virtually or in-person.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

  • Am I eligible to apply?

    Candidates must currently be in their penultimate year of study at any UK or Irish university in order to be eligible for this scholarship. 

    If you are currently in your final year of study, or have less than two years of full-time work experience since graduating, you would be welcome to apply for the full-time Associate Consultant role in the London office when applications open in September. For more information on that, visit London university hiring.

  • How should I answer the application questions?

    As truthfully as you can. These are a chance for us to find out more about you and there are no right or wrong answers. Generally, we are looking for strong academic achievers with great communication skills and the drive to help others and solve problems.

  • Do I need to submit a cover letter?

    No, not for this program.

  • When will I hear back?

    We review all applications after the April 25th deadline has passed. If you are invited to attend the workshop, you will hear from us on May 12th. (This is to say, applications are not considered on a rolling basis. Only after the deadline.)

  • How should I prepare for the online assessment?

    The assessment will cover questions on your behavioral preferences, numerical, verbal and logical reasoning. People at Bain have a diverse range of personality traits and thinking styles, and we are not looking for one single type of person. The assessment is designed to stretch your thinking, so there might be parts that you do not know the answer to. If that’s the case, just give it your best answer.

    Visit the candidate assessment hub for more details.

  • I am eligible for the True North: Scholarship for Women and Scholarship for Black Heritage Students. Can I apply to both?

    We ask that you submit only one application to either the True North: Workshop for Black Heritage Students or to the True North: Scholarship for Women. Both workshops will follow a similar schedule that are designed to inspire and equip you with practical leadership and impact skills. Visit the True North: Scholarship for Women page for more information, and reach out to UniversityHiring@Bain.com for anything else.

  • I am interested in an office that does not offer True North: Scholarship for Black Heritage Students. Will I still be considered for the program?

    True North: Scholarship for Black Heritage Students is currently only offered in the London office. If you are not interested in the London office, we recommend you reach out to your top office preference for information about recruiting opportunities.

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