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Customer Value Optimizer

Insurers have access to more data than ever before, but few realize its full potential. Customer Value Optimizer helps you harness that data to win and retain customers, and to do more business with them along the way.

Combined with effective change management, this collection of AI-driven smart engines uses multiple data sources to maximize customer value by delivering the right product to the right customer with the right message. Easy to deploy and scale, Customer Value Optimizer helps you utilize AI models, analyze customer segmentation, launch multiple campaigns, and excel at E2E lead management.

You’ll achieve measurable results in just a few months and fully scaled benefits within a year. One leading Asian insurer recently used the Customer Value Optimizer model to double its conversion rate across all its channels.

A data-led approach to growing insurance revenue

Amid the current macroeconomic challenges, insurers must seize every opportunity to grow revenue. But most focus more on “new to company” customers for new business sales. Using data to improve cross-selling is difficult at scale, and too many promising leads are wasted due to a lack of monitoring and technology.

Customer Value Optimizer helps companies find the value in their data sets, opening a lens that allows for a more structured approach. Powered in part by our firm's battle-proven capabilities in advanced analytics, it has delivered results for a wide range of insurers.

Let us show you how to make Customer Value Optimizer work for your company.

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