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Bain & Company’s 2024 Global Private Equity Report: Executive Summary

We seem to have entered a period of eerie calm, but will it last?


Bain & Company’s 2024 Global Private Equity Report: Executive Summary

I find it challenging to simply talk about 2023 in private equity as a year unto itself. Really, you have to talk about 2022 and even 2024 to make sense of it.

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What we’ve seen is three distinct phases of private equity in roughly three years, starting with the massive capital velocity and euphoric dealmaking that kicked off in 2021 and continued through the middle of 2022. Then we had an 18-month period of rapidly rising interest rates in the US and in much of Western Europe.

Now we’ve entered a third phase of eerie calm. Are we in a new normal? How do we really feel about the dealmaking environment, and what is that going to portend for things like exits, fund-raising, and returns down the road?

Today on the show, I review the key trends in Bain’s Global Private Equity Report 2024.


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