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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Why More Data Scientists are Coming to Bain

After rising in her career, Sharona Sankar-King was faced with deciding to run a company or doing what she loved within her previous operational roles. Now an expert partner in our New York office who is able to bring her extensive knowledge of data science to the firm, Sharona is shedding light into how Bain’s capabilities allow her to have a career she is passionate about outside of traditional data science opportunities.


Why More Data Scientists are Coming to Bain

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Sharona Sankar-King had an extensive data scientist career before joining Bain. Wanting to do work that combines her skills and experiences, Sharona is now able to continue doing the work she loves as an expert partner.

Sharona joins us on this episode of Beyond the Bio to share insight into why she chose to make a career shift and why more data scientists are coming to Bain. With our growing digital and data capabilities, we give data scientists the opportunity to expand their skillsets, do the work they love, and work in thriving environments in a nontraditional career path. Listen to Sharona’s journey to Bain and the advice she’s giving to any data expert who is considering joining the firm. 


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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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