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Creative: The Next Frontier of Marketing Optimization

Bain’s Cesar Brea leads a conversation about improving marketing creative at a time when ad budgets are getting squeezed.


Creative: The Next Frontier of Marketing Optimization

Marketers have spent a good part of the past year optimizing performance, but as awareness ad budgets get squeezed moving into 2023, many are turning their focus to improving the creative end of the process. Bimbo Bakeries senior brand manager Mike Jensen, Swayable cofounder and CEO James Slezak, and Zak Prauer of Bain’s FRWD marketing practice spoke with Bain Partner Cesar Brea about what leading marketers are doing well in this area—including using experimentation programs to increase consumer understanding and reach younger audiences—as well as the metrics they use to achieve those goals.


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Marketers are increasingly using data and analytics to broaden audience insights, uncover emerging trends, and build brand equity.


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