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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Bain's Top Priorities in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Ramesh Razdan, Bain's Global Chief Technology and Information Officer, had an extensive career leading roles in technology before joining Bain in 2019 to shape and transform our technological capabilities. In this episode of Beyond the Bio, Ramesh shares his insights on our remarkable growth in digital transformation, our top priorities in innovation, and how we ensure every member at Bain has the necessary tech support to scale business operations.


Bain's Top Priorities in Digital Transformation and Innovation

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Born and raised in India, Ramesh Razdan, our Global Chief Technology and Information officer, started his career as an engineering graduate gaining valuable experience at various high-tech companies. His experience would lead him to the U.S., where he spent more than a decade at EMC, a company acquired by Dell in 2016. During his time at EMC he was introduced to Bain, and would later join the firm after making the bold decision to transition into the consulting industry.

Ramesh now serves as the visionary leader of both Bain’s internal technology operations and client-driven innovation. Listen to Ramesh share insights on the remarkable growth of our technology capabilities since his arrival in 2019. He’ll dive into our firm’s top priorities including digital transformation and innovation, client experience, and how we’re ensuring that every member at Bain has the technological support required to scale business operations.



Beyond the Bio Podcast

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