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Sriram Narayanamoorthy

Acerca de Sriram

Hi, my name is Sriram, and I am a machine learning engineer in the Advanced Analytics Group.

Joining Bain as a data scientist, I worked with multiple clients across three continents (North America, South America and Australia), developing models to generate insights that fueled the client's top strategic priorities. I made the transition to a machine learning engineer last year, and in this role I develop full-stack analytics software products—from data pipelines, visualizations and machine learning models to the infrastructure needed to support the deployment into the client's system in a scalable fashion.

Over this time, I have learned how to work with global teams, communicate effectively with senior leadership, coach junior staff, and scope and deliver complex cases.

Creating an awesome analytics model in isolation seldom results in achieving business full potential. Bain has taught me to look at a problem not just from the analytics lens, but also from a people/change/behavior perspective. For example, what business problem am I trying to solve, who is the end user of my solution and how does it affect their day-to-day work, who needs to come to a consensus for my solution to succeed, and is what I am proposing practical from an operations perspective? It is this understanding and approach that will make an analytics person effective, and Bain gives you the right setting to learn this.

There is an incredible emphasis on professional development and mentoring at Bain. Bain encourages you to create your own brand at the firm and gives you the right opportunities to develop along areas that interest you—be it in the form of staffing you on the right cases, placing you in roles that challenge you, or giving you the time and resources to pursue coursework and attend conferences for self-learning. More important, you are surrounded by very generous mentors who are rooting for you to succeed and who provide targeted coaching to help you learn and grow.