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Vaibhav Singh

Acerca de Vaibhav

What career journey led you to Bain? 

I am originally from India and while I completed my bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering, my true fascination lies in computer science. The allure of software engineering was simply irresistible and I found myself drawn to it and the vast opportunities it offers. 

In 2009, I pursued a master's degree in Portsmouth, England, then worked in Bristol, and then made the exciting decision to move to Berlin. Moving to a new country always comes with challenges, but this experience, though initially daunting, was invaluable. It helped me understand and appreciate Berlin's vibrant startup culture. I’ve now worked at various startups and established corporations here, which has made me adaptable.  

In 2014, I started studying machine learning through online courses which led me to work at a company creating risk models for lending. From that moment, my trajectory was set—I was captivated by machine learning and I’ve worked in it ever since. Now, in a leadership position at Bain, I’m also deeply intrigued by understanding people's psychology, motivations, and behaviors. I'm studying the intricacies of team dynamics, the art of building cohesion, and the power of effective motivation and conflict resolution. 

Why Bain?  

Before Bain, I primarily worked at product companies and recognized that I needed to broaden my skillset and gain a wider variety of experiences. That made Bain the ideal next step. I saw it as an opportunity to learn across many industries and domains, tackling multifaceted challenges. I wanted to learn from other professionals and fuel my ambition to one day become a chief technology officer.  

What work are you proudest of at Bain? 

I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the creation of an accelerator platform that improves our generative AI offerings for clients. It allows us to deliver a lot more power, tailored to each client, and it has strengthened our reputation in this field. The recent surge in demand is a testament to its effectiveness.   

How has diversity and inclusion played a role in your time at Bain? 

Working at Bain means collaborating with colleagues from diverse origins, cultures, languages, and mindsets. This multicultural and multidimensional environment has proven a tremendous asset in understanding and addressing clients’ challenges. As I continue on my professional path, I carry with me the knowledge I've gained about diverse cultures and working environments, which will undoubtedly be valuable in future endeavors. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had and look forward to what lies ahead.

La trayectoria profesional de Vaibhav

"I was captivated by machine learning and I’ve worked in it ever since."