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Raphael Rezende

Associate Partner,

Rio de Janeiro

10 years+ of Bain experience servicing mainly retail and education clients.

Acerca de Raphael


  • Head of Rio de Janeiro culture efforts
  • 10+ years of firm experience across South America
  • Founder of nonprofit Instituto Reditus

Raphael is a member of Bain's Education, Retail and Mergers & Acquisitions practices.

He has worked with several clients across these practices, most notably a major PMI of two car rental companies, where he also led operational excellence cases. He also supported turnaround and digital strategy cases for a Higher Education company.

Beyond case work, Raphael also leads the Rio de Janeiro Office in internal matters, supporting and mentoring consultants of all tenures.

Raphael has an Engineering Degree from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and an MBA Degree from Harvard Business School.

In 2018, Raphael founded Instituto Reditus, a nonprofit with the mission of fostering the UFRJ community, connecting alumni, students, and teachers to ensure a better learning experience within the University.

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