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Engine 2 Ventures

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Unlocking the power of Bain to build disruptive SaaS ventures

Founder’s Studio is part of Engine 2 Ventures, focused on ideating and building disruptive technology ventures that apply our expertise and experience in novel ways. We believe in the power of our people: Our founders and teams are selected from the top 1% of business talent in the world, and we provide the guidance, operational support, and resources they need to launch successful startups.

Our Ideal Venture

Our Ideal Venture

We incubate technology solutions that leverage Bain's deep experience, intellectual property, and data to disrupt existing legacy processes, decisions, or ways of doing business. Our ideal venture studio project solves burning needs for new customers, buyers, or markets beyond consulting clients, with the potential to reach $100M+ in annual revenue.

How we empower our founders:
  • Venture concept sourcing and validation, backed by Bain’s global insights and expertise, with analytical rigor
  • Access to world-class thought leaders within Bain to guide founders
  • Access to Bain’s global client and alumni network
  • Venture building teams across technical, product, and GTM, sourced from Bain’s top talent
  • Entrepreneurial training bootcamp, rapidly deployable technology capabilities, and broader community within Founder’s Studio
  • Pre-seed funding and functional support that enables venture team to focus on building the product and growing the business

Venture Directory

Venture Directory

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