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Climate Change

Climate Change

The climate imperative demands a comprehensive response to address risk and seize opportunities. We'll help you execute a strategy that makes decarbonization a source of competitive advantage.

Climate Change

Climate change is a complex, multi-stakeholder problem that spans portfolio strategy, operations, product design, marketing, investor relations, and more. Adapting to global warming demands that business leaders take steps to mitigate risks and spur innovation. Addressing climate change can be challenging, but also presents opportunities for growth; as the energy transition accelerates, both the complexities and the opportunities are certain to increase.

We can help you create a differentiated strategy to capture value from your reduced carbon footprint. Our climate change consultants can help you systematically reduce the carbon intensity of your operations, supply chain, and product mix—asset by asset and product by product. Our global network of cross-disciplinary experts will show you how to reinvent your portfolio mix to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize risk, and maximize growth.

We are partners, not preachers, ready to help you translate net-zero ambitions to bottom-line results. Our diverse team of experts will work in close collaboration with your organization, helping you build new business models and capabilities so you can capitalize on opportunities in the energy transition and thrive in a post-carbon world.

What to Expect

What to Expect

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We’re bringing the full force of our talent and expertise to create a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.

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Our Carbon Partnerships

Our Carbon Partnerships

Along with our strategy and delivery expertise in carbon transitions, our partnerships with best-of-breed players in the complex and dynamic sustainability environment help us address your needs and deliver world-class results. These unique partnerships let us offer you the latest digital and AI solutions so you can stay ahead of the “ESG curve,” with state-of-the-art digital platforms across carbon accounting, carbon credit ratings, ESG ratings, and physical climate risks. Learn more here about EcoVadis, Persefoni, Sylvera, Schneider Electric, and Jupiter—just five of these partners that help us create value for your company.

Our Climate Change Consulting Experience

Our Climate Change Consulting Experience

Net Zero Navigator

We've teamed up with Persefoni to create Net Zero Navigator, a powerful tool that helps you bridge the gap between setting a target and actually reaching it.

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Our Client Results in Climate Change

Electric Vehicles

We expect the tipping point for e-mobility to be reached by 2026, with increased consumer demand leading to mass adoption of electric vehicles. Our deep expertise across every component of the e-mobility value chain can help you accelerate progress and achieve a winning edge.

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Our Insights on Climate Change

Our Climate Change Experts

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