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Grant Dougans

Partner, Washington, DC

Leader in Bain’s Utilities practice at the intersection of changes to the utility business model and performance improvement.

Sobre Grant

Grant Dougans is a partner based in Bain & Company’s Washington DC office. He is a leader in Bain’s Utilities & Renewables practice. 

Grant’s recent work for utilities around the country has focused on four mission-critical areas:

  • Utility of the Future Growth Strategy: Sustaining earnings growth during a time of flat load, increasing competition and increased stakeholder pressures
  • Regulatory Strategy: Modernizing regulatory compacts to support better outcomes for customers and utilities
  • Performance Improvement: Rapid efforts to increase the efficiency of operations, particularly inside generation fleets
  • DigitalMoving beyond "pilot" use cases to scale deployment

Grant is a thought leader on generation performance improvement, digital for utilities and utility growth. He has presented thought leadership on these topics at both EEI conferences and a range of utility leadership teams.

"For every utility executive team, sustaining earnings growth in the face of flat load, increasing competitive pressures and increased regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny will be the challenge that defines the decade to come."
Grant Dougans

Prior to joining Bain, Grant worked as a regulator at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), focusing on electricity market design issues.

He earned an MBA (Hon) from London Business School and a B.Comm at Queen’s University, Canada.


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