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In the US, Covid-19 Concerns Grow As Cases Surge

After weeks of waning fears, Americans’ concerns about their health and finances are ticking up.

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In the US, Covid-19 Concerns Grow As Cases Surge

The Covid-19 virus continues to tear across the US: Over the past two weeks, the country has set new daily records in nationwide infection levels. In most states, case counts are on the rise. As a result, Americans are growing more concerned about the health and financial impact of the pandemic, according to a Bain/Dynata survey of US consumers.

Identifying trends over the past 19 weeks, we’ve broken the Covid-19 crisis into four distinct phases. In Phase 3, as states lifted lockdown measures, concerns generally trended downward. We’re now entering a new phase, where concerns are ramping back up. During the week of July 6, only 11% of respondents said they were unconcerned—hitting the lowest point since mid-April. Meanwhile, those reporting high concerns held steady around 21% for the past few weeks, up from around 15% in early June.

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