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Andrea Arroyo


Sobre Andrea

How did you end up working at Bain?

I originally studied finance, international, and religious studies, and I knew I wanted to have an impact. I did an internship at Bain in Boston, then I took time to work in Senegal for an anti-poverty non-governmental organization (NGO). After that, I worked for an investment bank doing real estate investing in London. I realized that though I loved working for charities, the entry-level positions weren’t fast-paced enough. At a place like Bain, you’re always working on the most important problem, and I got a lot of energy from that. 

I decided I wanted to work at Bain and try to focus as much as I could on social impact. Though I had interned with Bain in Boston, I wanted to live in London, as I was drawn to the city’s multiculturalism. So, I decided to apply to Bain’s London office to join full time as an associate consultant and have been here ever since!  

How is the culture?  

The London office is very diverse and the Pride at Bain affinity group was super important to me back as an associate consultant. I instantly found friends, a safe space, and a place to be celebrated and accepted. 

What has guided your career here? 

I’ve always had this voice inside me saying, “Have an impact.” I’ve always known the general direction. As a senior manager, I did quite a lot of work with NGOs, and I absolutely loved it. Currently, I have the privilege of working primarily on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics for big corporates and split my time between that and NGO work. I feel privileged to have carved out this path, mainly by following my passion—and also having been lucky enough to have wonderful senior sponsors who believe in me.  

How would you describe the work with clients?  

Here, it’s not about slide decks. It’s about actually getting stuff done, and I love that. Anyone who says “You don’t get to see the results of your work in consulting” can’t have worked at Bain because we don't just work with a client for three months and move on. You work with these clients for multi-year engagements, and you follow their success for as long as you’re here. 

Andrea's Career Story

From charity work to associate partner in sustainability at Bain