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Yoeun Yoon

Sobre Yoeun

Hi, I'm Yoeun. I chose to join Bain because of the diverse experience the firm offers. Bain not only has a strong global presence but also provides opportunity for consultants to deal with the most important clients in the Korean economy. Additionally, Bain's flat organization and fun people make for an incomparable firm culture.

After a couple of years, I transferred to the Munich office as an experience share transferee. I learned how to work with a global client/team. In addition, the experience gave me confidence that Bain's problem-solving approach, which I learned in my local office, can be applied globally.

"​My favorite case was a brand redesign project for a cosmetics company."

The Bain case team redefined the focus consumer segment and analyzed key buying factors in the segment. We redesigned the brand/product/price/channel for those consumers. I was so proud when the brand was relaunched as we suggested and the client's revenue turned around.

Surprisingly, I learned how to play hard at Bain. The firm emphasizes the importance of playing hard and invests in mingling and having fun at work. I learned that playing hard, in turn, provides energy to work hard!

​The advice that I want to give people considering Bain is "You will learn a lot from the experience." Bain is one of the most exciting places to develop your career and experience diverse industries.