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Case study

Bain and Bosch Connected Industry Team Up to Help Automaker Build a New Plant Based on Industry 4.0 Technology

A leading automaker planned to build a new plant in Europe that will serve as an Industry 4.0 benchmark. Bain and Bosch Industry Consulting teamed up to help the company holistically digitalize the plant, from the factory floor to the back office.

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At a Glance

  • 15%-20% Efficiency gains
  • ~50% reduction of in-scope operating costs

The Story

The Situation

The new plant will combine state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technologies for both mechanical processing and assembly, the two main production processes in engine manufacturing. Bain and Bosch Connected Industry helped the client to compile, structure and evaluate relevant digital technologies and to identify areas where such technologies can be applied. In addition to direct and indirect production processes the scope encompasses the IT infrastructure as a critical enabler as well as key back-office functions, including HR, facility management and security.

Our Approach

  • Rapid assessment. A tight timeline (the company’s goal was to begin production less than three years after the start of the engagement) demanded that digital opportunities and back-office solutions be quickly identified and prioritized.
  • Detailed planning. The work involved two phases, each focused on analyzing key plant functions. Phase I addressed production, energy management and HR issues, while Wave II looked at quality management, facility, management and security. Deliverables included a specific target picture for each function, focused on prioritizing digitalization use cases to apply the latest Industry 4.0 technologies.
  • Full spectrum of expertise. The Bain/Bosch Connected Industry work addressed all phases of the plant’s development, from initial conceptualization informed by best practices in digitalization through determining the plant’s digital point of departure, selection of technologies and implementation.

The Results

  • Substantial efficiency gains of 15% to 20% through digitalization, for example, stemming from digital energy management.
  • Higher output and increased flexibility with regard to product variants and next-generation products, thanks to workpiece-controlled manufacturing.
  • Improved product quality thanks to faster error detection through new camera systems, advanced data analytics applications, and other digital capabilities.
  • Enhanced ergonomics, supported by individualized workstations and worker-tailored assignments on the shop floor.

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