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Oficina de Bain


Dronning Mauds gate 3 
0250 Oslo  

Since 2009, Bain Oslo has worked with the largest leading companies across Norway, the Nordics and globally in partnership with our other Bain Nordic offices: Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm. We depend on our consultants to actualize Bain’s perpetual high-growth ambitions. These aspirations, combined with our drive to succeed, have nurtured a truly supportive team dynamic.

Our Team

Our Culture

We believe everyone at Bain brings something unique to the table and widely promote individual development initiatives. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial attitude and employee diversity, with many Bain Oslo employees hailing from across the globe. Further, our Sports, Fun and Wellbeing Committee keeps office spirits high by hosting birthday celebrations and other events.

Carrera en Bain & Company

Carrera en Bain & Company

Bain & Company es una de las mejores compañías del mundo para trabajar. Ofrecemos una amplia gama de opciones de carrera para estudiantes de licenciatura, MBA, títulos avanzados y profesionales con experiencia.

Desde nuestros inicios, hemos desafiado el status quo. Nuestra fórmula para el éxito ha sido simple: crear una cultura de gran impacto y apoyo en la que se aliente a las personas con un gran talento a ser brillantes en lo que hacen.

Social Impact

Bain Nordic is committed to contributing our time and skills to community work.

World Childhood Foundation

The World Childhood Foundation (WCF) is an NGO that aims to support children at risk around the world. Bain Nordic is not only a major donor to WCF, but we also have a longstanding professional relationship. Our aim is to conduct one to two pro bono projects per year with WCF.

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Baltic Sea Action Group

The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is an NGO focused on reducing pollution in the Baltic Sea. Bain has an ongoing relationship with BSAG and has helped it create an action plan.

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Stadsmissionen Enter Mötesplats

The Stadsmissionen Enter Mötesplats (SEM) is an NGO that helps teenage girls with social problems. Our Nordic team provides consulting and counseling, and a group of volunteers helped SEM move into its new location.



Oslo office

Dronning Mauds gate 3 
0250 Oslo  

Business Contact

Lars Jacob Bø

Phone: +47 22 01 82 01

Recruiting Contact

Rebecca Rosell-Helland

Phone: +47 22 01 82 47

Marketing, Media and Alumni

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