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Healthcare Providers and Services

Healthcare Providers and Services

Master strategy and execution to stay out front in a dynamic industry 

Cost pressures and the global impact of healthcare reform are just two of many challenges facing healthcare providers today.  To gain and maintain a winning position you need the right strategy, supported by a carefully tailored operating model and a mastery of change management. We work with you to develop those and other capabilities so you can become nimble, efficient and deliver on your mission as never before.

Our expertise in healthcare delivery is built on more than 1,500 client engagements across pharma and biotech, medtech, all categories of payers, providers and services (including health insurance companies, HMOs, and hospital and physician networks). With more than 150 senior experts, many with direct industry experience, we create seamless, global teams that deliver the truly integrated solutions today's health services industry requires. 

We are also leaders, in healthcare private equity due diligence, having conducted more than 1,000 diligences for PE clients. We bring unmatched understanding of this fast-moving industry to every engagement, insuring that you have the insights and perspective you need to make timely, accurate decisions and execute on them flawlessly.    

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Client Results


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