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Lean Six Sigma

By combining lean manufacturing with digital capabilities companies can eliminate more waste, save more money and efficiently execute their manufacturing strategies. We provide the expertise and tools you need to accelerate your progress and transform your business.

Lean Six Sigma integrates traditional lean methodologies with a robust set of digital capabilities to transform your manufacturing operations. We focus on the areas of greatest value—for example, using overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to identify high-potential opportunities. We deploy lean tools selectively, applying the right ones based on current strategy, the value at stake and the front line’s ability to adopt them.

We help you enforce line accountability, ensuring that change is led by frontline management and embedded in the daily steering routine. And we help you get results fast, using a three-phase approach (diagnose, design, implement) that quickly advances you to your future state. Our Manufacturing Full-Potential Diagnostic assesses your starting point across four critical areas of manufacturing (Lean, digital/Industry 4.0, supply chain and footprint design) supported by a robust set of proprietary benchmarking data. Our approach to digital also includes Four-Wall Lean Full-Potential, a complementary capability that ensures you reduce complexity and enhance productivity.

For a closer look, our Digital Lean Playbook explains how we help you apply the right technologies across seven distinct levers to transform your operations and become a performance leader.

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What to Expect

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Client Results

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