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Beyond the Bio Podcast

Industry Leaders: Spotlighting Our Private Equity Practice

Anita Cohen and Andrew Kunkel, partners in our Chicago office, didn’t plan on specializing in private equity, but once they were exposed to the world of fast-paced cases and non-standard approaches to problem-solving, they fell in love with the work. Anita and Andrew share their journeys into private equity and PEG, our private equity group, and explain why Bain is the leader in this industry.


Industry Leaders: Spotlighting Our Private Equity Practice

In this episode, our guests had no intention of joining our private equity group (PEG) when they first joined Bain. However, when they realized they could work on a diverse set of challenging cases and fast-track their careers, they found that PEG was the best fit for them.  

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Anita Cohen and Andrew Kunkel, partners in our Chicago office, both joined Bain after shifting their careers from law and engineering, respectively. As they completed cases and gained exposure to various industries, they both found themselves enjoying work in PEG the most. Unlike other practices, PEG cases have quick timeframes with an infrastructure unique to Bain, making us clear industry leaders.

Anita and Andrew now lead our PEG ringfence in Chicago and encourage every consultant to join a case. PEG is viewed as a career accelerator at Bain because of the analytical and non-standard approaches to solving problems from many different angles in various industries.
Listen to Anita and Andrew’s journeys to PEG, how they’re leading the private equity ringfence in Chicago, and more about why Bain is the industry leader for this practice.

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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