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Press release

Bain & Company announces new partner promotions

Bain & Company announces new partner promotions

94 individuals from 40 offices named to partnership throughout 2019

  • 22.01.2020
  • min read

Press release

Bain & Company announces new partner promotions

Boston - Jan. 22, 2020 - We are excited to announce the newest members of our global partnership. These individuals were promoted to partner throughout 2019.

We congratulate these next-generation leaders and celebrate their accomplishments, including both extraordinary client results and standout examples of coaching, mentoring and building great teams within our firm.

More than 30 percent of our recent promotes are women: this reflects continuing progress on our diversity objectives and reinforces our mission of extraordinary teams and the world’s best business talent in pursuit of client results.

Bain & Company’s global footprint continues to grow: 40 out of Bain & Company’s 58 offices around the world are represented in the list below and 60 percent of partner promotions were in the APAC and EMEA regions.

We wish all our new partners continued success as they assume their new leadership responsibilities.

Manny Maceda

Partner promotions:

  • Amanda Adler, New York
  • Clara Albuquerque, Mexico City
  • Shazrul Asari, Kuala Lumpur
  • Jordan Barnett, Toronto
  • Andreas Becker, Berlin
  • Marine Bellanger, London
  • Sarah Bole, London
  • Alex Boulton, Singapore
  • Steven Breeden, New York
  • Stefano Brentel, Milan
  • Melchior Bryant, Frankfurt
  • Greg Callahan, Boston
  • Andy Capanyola, Atlanta
  • Santiago Casanova, Madrid
  • Mike Cashman, Boston
  • Paolo Cerini, Milan
  • Kevin Chang, Hong Kong
  • Abel Colaco, Sao Paulo
  • Mauro Colopi, Milan
  • Emily Criste, New York
  • Cira Cuberes, Madrid
  • Arunava Dalal, New Delhi
  • Mathieu Dangotte, Brussels
  • Arnaud Dubois, Paris
  • Graham Eckert, New York
  • Stefano Fenili, Milan
  • Ken Fraser, Boston
  • Johan Fritz, Copenhagen
  • Luis Frota, Sao Paulo
  • Oleg Geyler, Moscow
  • Francine Gierak, San Francisco
  • Andrea Gondekova, Paris
  • Alpha Gould, Sydney
  • Kai Grass, Sao Paulo
  • Hannes Grassegger, Washington DC
  • Caroline Grauwels, Brussels
  • Christophe Guille, Los Angeles
  • Praneet Gupta, New Delhi
  • Matthew Harris, New York
  • Karim Henain, Dubai
  • Som Holliday, London
  • Tobias Hürlimann, Munich
  • Onyinye Ibeneche Avbovbo, Johannesburg
  • Wren Kabir, Stockholm
  • Allison Kahler, Chicago
  • Christos Karaolis, London
  • Elizabeth Karl, New York
  • Mansoor Kazi, Chicago
  • Hyekyung Kim, Seoul
  • Kyle Kinsell, Atlanta
  • Jürg Kronenberg, Dubai
  • Andrew Kunkel, Chicago
  • Maria Kurenova, New York
  • Christian Langel, Zurich
  • Bao-Viet Le, Dubai
  • Laurence Lemaire, San Francisco
  • Carlos Libera, Sao Paulo
  • Helen Liu, Shanghai
  • Laure Maddens, Brussels
  • Moncef Maghrebi, Dubai
  • Nicole Magoon, Los Angeles
  • Giovanni Battista Miani, London
  • Sinead Mullen, Chicago
  • Avishek Nandy, Singapore
  • Gaurav Nayyar, New Delhi
  • Greg Olwell, Boston
  • Rosangela Pacifico, Milan
  • Alejandro Perez, Buenos Aires
  • Giancarlo Picchi , Zurich
  • Erik Pot, Amsterdam
  • Bill Radzevych, Los Angeles
  • Grete Röd, Oslo
  • Mihir Sampat, Mumbai
  • Kat Shaul, San Francisco
  • Michael Short, Houston
  • Aditya Shukla, Mumbai
  • Or Skolnik, New York
  • Jennifer Smith, Boston
  • Carina Sponholtz, Copenhagen
  • Radhika Sridharan, Mumbai
  • Karl Strempel, Dusseldorf
  • Dhruv Sukhrani, Mumbai
  • Yuta Suzuki, Tokyo
  • Kelly Swaintek, Dallas
  • Gerald Tan, Singapore
  • Mike Tonelli, Boston
  • Lauri Tumm, Helsinki
  • Stavros Tzavidas, Zurich
  • Michael Weber, Tokyo
  • Andrew Welch, Houston
  • Stefan Woerner , Zurich
  • Stephen York, Johannesburg
  • Nikolaus Zacher, Munich
  • Carrie Zhang, Shanghai

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