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Офисы Bain


Paseo de la Castellana, 35 
6th Floor 
28046, Madrid Spain 

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Founded in 1994, Bain Ibérica works closely with many of the largest Spanish, Portuguese and multinational corporations in Iberia, in addition to financial firms and private equity funds. Our private equity group has an unmatched reputation in due diligences and post-acquisition value-creation implementation plans.

Our Team


Our Culture

We pride ourselves on our office’s friendly, informal atmosphere and are committed to preserving its unique dynamic. Throughout the year, we host numerous social events, including weekend trips, sporting events and “fun club” drinks. We even have an internal “culture team” that continuously develops new Bainie bonding initiatives. When client meetings aren’t on the calendar, our dress code is business casual, and most of us share a deep passion for sports, travel, music and theatre. While we prize our interpersonal office bonds, we’re all committed to preserving our lives outside of Bain as well.


Карьера в Bain

Карьера в Bain & Company

Bain & Company — один из лучших работодателей в мире. Компания предлагает множество карьерных возможностей как вчерашним выпускникам ВУЗов, так и кандидатам, получившим степень МВА, кандидатам наук, а также профессионалам, уже имеющим опыт работы.

Наша формула успеха проста: мы создаем и поддерживаем такую корпоративную культуру, в которой каждый талантливый человек может полностью реализовать свой потенциал и добиться выдающихся результатов.

Social Impact

In the Madrid office, we are committed to improving society. It is an important aspect of the Bain culture and who we are as individuals. We focus on social issues where we can have the greatest impact: those that ignite our passions and leverage our ability to generate tangible results in our community.


Our team members contribute to the community not only with donations but also by investing their time. We encourage our people to take part in projects with the NGO sector, and we seek suitable opportunities for them to engage in volunteer activities. Bain's sustainability initiatives were founded at a grassroots level with the formation of "green teams" in each office, focused on reducing our resource consumption.

Pro Bono

Since 2009, Bain Ibérica has collaborated closely with the Spanish Association of Fundraising (AEF) and 10 of Spain's largest NGOs to further develop the nonprofit sector. We recently collaborated with NGOs to implement an ambitious program to improve the sector.


Madrid office

Paseo de la Castellana, 35 
6th Floor 
28046, Madrid Spain 

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Associate Consultant Recruiting

Consultant Recruiting

Local Media/Public Relations

International and Corporate Media/Public Relations

Aliza Medina

Phone: +44 20 7969 6480


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