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Офисы Bain


Blue Tower - 22nd Floor
Avenue Louise 326 
1050 Brussels 

Since the office's founding in 1990, the influence of Bain Brussels has grown exponentially within the Belgium and Luxembourg business communities. Our teams have a track record of producing exceptional results for our clients, including private equity firms, international headquarters, family offices and key Bel20 players.

Our Team

Карьера в Bain

Карьера в Bain

Карьера в Bain & Company

Bain & Company — один из лучших работодателей в мире. Компания предлагает множество карьерных возможностей как вчерашним выпускникам ВУЗов, так и кандидатам, получившим степень МВА, кандидатам наук, а также профессионалам, уже имеющим опыт работы.

Наша формула успеха проста: мы создаем и поддерживаем такую корпоративную культуру, в которой каждый талантливый человек может полностью реализовать свой потенциал и добиться выдающихся результатов.

Social Impact

Social Impact

We believe that what is good for our community is good for Bain. As a result, we work on issues that are critical to Belgium, particularly efforts that improve the conditions of those in need.

Pro Bono Consulting

Bain Brussels offers pro bono consulting services to nonprofit organizations like the King Baudouin Foundation and Doctors Without Borders. Examples of our work include performing a strategic review of a philanthropy fund and value proposition refinement to optimize donor loyalty.

Events & Fundraisers

We are proud to support our nonprofit partners through events and fundraisers like the Bain Brussels Charity Auction, Brussels Marathon & 20K Run and Red Cross blood collection campaigns.

Carbon Neutrality

We are proudly certified as CarbonNeutral® and are committed to helping our clients achieve sustainability. This achievement is the result of an exhaustive effort to measure our global footprint and reach net zero carbon emissions.

Learn about Bain's global social impact initiatives

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Brussels offices

Blue Tower - 22nd Floor
Avenue Louise 326 
1050 Brussels 

AC and ACI Recruiting

Laurent Migom

Phone: +32 2 7903 782

AC and ACI Recruiting

Sébastien Meeus

Phone: +32 2 7903 712

AC and ACI Recruiting

Elise Vanderclausen

Phone: +32 2 8934 171

Industry Recruiting

Cédric Bovy

Phone: +32 2 6262 644

Advanced Degree Recruiting

Thierry Catfolis

Phone: +32 2 6262 639

Recruiting Manager

Anny Corstjens

Phone: +32 2 626 2657

Local Media Inquiries

Wendela Manting

Phone: +31 20 7107 916

International/Corporate Media Inquiries

Aliza Medina

Phone: +44 20 7969 6480


Laura-Chance Ghaye

Phone: +32 2 8934 207

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