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Офисы Bain


Governor Phillip Tower
1 Farrer Place
Level 45

Sydney, NSW 2000

Bain’s Sydney office operates in conjunction with our Melbourne and Perth counterparts as Bain Australia. Together, we work primarily with ASX200 companies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Team


Our Culture

At Bain Sydney, we pride ourselves on a laid-back, tightly knit peer culture. Our office is home to a number of devout sports fans, and typical office outings involve sailing, surfing, tennis and triathlons.

Карьера в Bain

Карьера в Bain & Company

Bain & Company — один из лучших работодателей в мире. Компания предлагает множество карьерных возможностей как вчерашним выпускникам ВУЗов, так и кандидатам, получившим степень МВА, кандидатам наук, а также профессионалам, уже имеющим опыт работы.

Наша формула успеха проста: мы создаем и поддерживаем такую корпоративную культуру, в которой каждый талантливый человек может полностью реализовать свой потенциал и добиться выдающихся результатов.

Social Impact

Bain believes passionately in making a difference in the community. The staff of Bain Australia enjoy broadening their experience and skill base through direct involvement in a range of community work, a small portion of which is outlined below.


The Australian Charities Fund (ACF) was developed as a result of pro bono work done by a team of Bain consultants for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. The team researched charitable giving in other developed countries and observed that individuals in those countries give as much as three to six times more than the average Australian. 

Pro Bono

Each year Bain Australia partners with various Australian and international charities to complete pro bono case engagements. Although the specific nature of each engagement varies from charity to charity, two key themes underlie all of our work: We focus on the most difficult and pressing issues facing the charity, and we offer solutions that are meaningful and relevant for both the charity and the wider community.


Every year the Australian offices shut down for one day so that our staff can work on projects for charitable organisations in the community. During the year we also have several opportunities for staff to participate in volunteering programs, in addition to our pro bono casework. 


Another way that Bain makes a difference in the Australian and international community is by offering staff the opportunity to participate in an externship with our local or global social impact partners. Members of our consulting team step aside from their everyday roles at Bain and spend 6–12 months working for an organisation that aims to make a positive social impact.


Sydney office

Governor Phillip Tower
1 Farrer Place
Level 45

Sydney, NSW 2000

Business Contact

David Zehner

Phone: +61 2 9024 8600


Local Media/Public Relations

Callie Christian

Phone: +61 2 9024 8600

International and Corporate Media/Public Relations

Nicholas Worley

Phone: +852 2978 8830


Callie Christian

Phone: +61 2 9024 8600

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